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Les Impuxibles


The new work by Les Impuxibles promises to shake us up once again. Harakiri sets out to liberate everything to do with suicide from taboos and stigmas. On stage, a place that makes it possible to revive and to “rekill” the dead, an impossible date takes place between two adults who one day, in a small universe, were mother and son.

The piece stages different inquiries into suicide through a group of performers from different disciplines. The aim of the show is to dramatize a political view of suicide, at the same time as criticizing the administered life and the subjected body, the power that is exercised to ensure life but which at the same time produces alienation and unhappiness.

Les Impuxibles are the artistic fusion of a pianist and a dancer, Clara and Ariadna Peya, sisters, creators and performers – a fusion that contains the power of the artistic quality of each one separately and the harmony of the tie that binds them. Les Impuxibles work with the mixture of languages, research that fuses music and movement with other disciplines of performance, an investigation that never ends and which has led them to the construction of their own language. The company stands out for its social commitment of using art as a megaphone of denunciation and social change.

Programmed by the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC).

On March 25 the company will offer a colloquium post function.

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Planned functions


Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
17 March at 19:00h
Sold out
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
18 March at 19:00h
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
20 March at 18:00h
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
25 March at 19:00h
Sold out
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
26 March at 19:00h
Sold out
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
27 March at 18:00h
Sold out

Show details

80 minutes
20 €
Les Impuxibles (Clara and Ariadna Peya)
María Velasco
Original music
Clara Peya
Ariadna Peya
Artistic accompaniment
María Velasco and Judit Colomer Mascaró
Electronic creation assistants
Carles Delgado and Carles Bernal
Movement assistant and cover
Olga Lladó Valls
Translation and accompaniment of the dramaturgy
Marc Villanueva Mir
Sílvia Capell, Haley Diallo, Montse Esteve, Helena Gispert, Kiko López, Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya and Pau Vinyals
LSC performers
Èlia Farrero and Berta Frigola Solé
Assistant director
Xavi Buxeda
Set design
Judit Colomer Mascaró
Costume design
Joan Ros
Lighting design
Conchita Pons
Sound design
Carles Bernal
Carme Gomila
Technical head
Jordi Berch
Executive production and distribution
Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch
Accessibility consultant
Èlia Farrero
Acting coach
Queralt Casasayas
Noemí Elias Bascuñana, Xavi Buxeda
Content consultants
Asun Pié Balaguer, Martín Correa-Urquiza, Júlia Sánchez Cid, Tali Vaimberg, Clara Rubio and Meri Varó
Assistant director intern
Yaiza Peña Soley
Les Impuxibles, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and Dansa Metropolitana
With the support of
the Institut Català d'Empreses Culturals - Departament de Cultura, l'Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics and the Fundació Carulla, SOS Cultura scholarshpip winner project
Fundació La Plana, Associació Catalana per la Prevenció del Suïcidi, Gràcia Camps Miró