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Cia. Jose Manuel Álvarez

65 minutes

22 €

12 years and older


A bunch meets the inexplicable. They are ready to activate all the mechanisms, to search the codes, to stir tradition, and even to bite it if necessary. However, it is said that the duende (the charm) prefers to squeeze lemons at dawn. In this endless search, they follow their own empty map, drawn with possible actions. They are only sure that transgressing their limits is not a possibility. The lines are clear, but its destiny is as obtuse as it is uncertain.
The Jose Manuel Álvarez Company began its tour in 2019 with Bailes Colaterales [Collateral dances] and the piece Movimiento Colateral [Collateral movement]. In 2020, in a co-production with Dansa Metropolitana and the Düsseldorf tanzhaus nrw, he created the show Cruces, which investigated the dramaturgy of flamenco and the hierarchies that are established on stage, trying to overcome the boundaries involved in a genre with such a long tradition. In the same vein, MUERDELIMONES questions codes and shakes up the paradigm of improvisation, proposing an open and active process among its four performers.

Data sheet

Performers: Jose Manuel Álvarez (dance), Esperanza Fernández (vocals), Lucas Balbo (percussion, drums), Josep Tutusaus (trombone, electronics, sound space) - Artistic director: Jose Manuel Álvarez - Concept: Jose Manuel Álvarez and Marta Piñol - Music production: Josep Tutusaus - Lighting design: Daniel Gener - Sound design: Aleix Archs - Art management: Martín Piñol - Creative consultant: Mercedes Boronat - Set design: Teatrerya, Raquel Laguna - Photography: Frederik Gille, Fidel Menses - Video: Carlos Collazos - Production: Flamenco Projects - In collaboration with Impulstanz (Vienna International Dance Festival), L’Hospitalet City Council, Zona Nord Civic Centre.

Planned functions


Teatre Joventut
16 March at 20:00 h