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Pan y Rosas / We all live in a box

Tina Martí / Ambae Company

30 minutes



Pan y Rosas combines flamenco, contemporary and urban dance, in a production about the right to live, not to only exist, inspired by the words of the American feminist trade unionist Rose Schneiderman, and three individuals cross paths on their journey through life, through dance, live music and the boxes they interact with.

Pan y Rosas

As Rose Schneiderman said: “We want the right to live, not just exist. We must have bread, but also roses. What we ask is that they not look at us, but that they see us”. Pan y rosas fuses flamenco, contemporary dance and urban dances in a piece about the right to live, not simply to exist. A show inspired by the words of the American union feminist Rose Schneiderman.
Pan y Rosas is performed by Ámbaar Murgia, Esther Calderón, Paloma Ramos (Aina Lanas) and Tina Martí, who seek to create harmony between urban, contemporary and flamenco dance with Cristina López music. Under the supervision of Tina Martí, together with the bailaora Katy Fernández and Aina Lanas, Pan y Rosas is the first project from this union of artists who strive to communicate a single message, using various languages.

Data sheet

Written by: Tina Martí, Katy Fernández, Ámbaar Murgia, Esther Calderón, Paloma Ramos and Aina Lanas - Directed by: Tina Martí - Composer / Musical director: Cristina López - Performed by: Ámbaar Murgia, Esther Calderón, Paloma Ramos (Aina Lanas) and Tina Martí - Assistant directors: Katy Fernández and Aina Lanas - Audiovisuals: Claudia Herrán - Wardrobe: Ámbaar Murgia and Luisina Sánchez - Photography: Claudia Herrán and Olga Segura

We all live in a box

Three individuals are intertwined in the journey of their lives through dance, live music and boxes with which they interact. What do the boxes of our life consist of? The work contemplates how we define the lives we live by creating those invisible walls that contain our ideals and beliefs. How do we deal with the boxes that make us up, challenge us, limit us, stop us? How do we find ourselves and others in the midst of all these boxes?
The creations of Ambae Company, founded in 2019 by the dancer and choreographer Arina Lannoo and the musician and composer Tito Ripoll, speak about human and social themes, constructing a language that combines dance, music and scenography. Their first production, Connection, which had its premiere at Dansa Metropolitana in 2021, questioned our lack of connection with ourselves and tried to reconnect with the essence of being. We all live in a box, which premiered in May 2022 at the Imaginarius Festival in Portugal, is their second creation, performed in Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

Data sheet

Author: Ambae Company - Choreographer: Arina Lannoo, in collaboration with Beatriz Cubero - Music director: Tito Ripoll - Performers: Arina Lannoo, Beatriz Cubero and Tito Ripoll - Scenographers: Joan Jorbà and Ambae Company - Audiovisual: Gemma Roges Roig - Photographers: Gemma Roges Roig and Laia Andreu - Production/Support: Can Gassol - Performing Arts Centre, Roca Umbert - Arts in Movement Centre and C.C. Can Clariana Cultural - Distribution: Fani Benages Mas - Special thanks to: Daphné Malherbe, Marta Galvez, Anna Verdaguer, Bayron San, Sandra Arisa, Miriam Loaisa, SM Percussion and Ferran Clotet

Planned functions


Centre Cívic Teixonera
19 March at 12:00 h