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45 minutes

10 €


In this solo, the figure of the female percussionist is presented on the basis of three elements: gesture, sound and profile. She is born from the solitude of a body that places in the centre the object/body of the tambourine, including the skin and the sound. SIBIL-A proposes the figure of the performer as a transmitter, and shows how this figure evolves in the globalisation and de-sacralisation of things. The tambourine is the navel and the body is the channel of a song that is found in the Mediterranean basin, and which evokes aloud the scenes of the “Iudici Signum”, the Day of Judgement: from order to chaos, and from chaos to order.
Ancorae Danza is Andrea Jiménez, with an undergraduate degree in Choreography and Performance and specialisation in Spanish dance from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. So far she has created five shows: Luaº (2020), Edra (2022), Des(o)lados (2022), La Espiral (2023) and SIBIL·A (2024).

Data sheet

Performing Arts Management: Andrea Jiménez - Stage and costume design: Sergi Cerdán - Sound space design: Mario G. Cortizo - Music: Raúl Cantizano - Assistance and support in oral transmission: Ariana Barrabés, Carola Ortiz - Assistance and outside perspective: Salvador Sánchez, Daniel Rosado - Production: Lola Rodríguez - La Mercería Cultural - Photography: Sonia Troncoso - With the support of Dansa Metropolitana, OSIC (Generalitat de Catalunya), Fira Mediterrània, Espai La Tacones, Unió Santcugatenca, Fabra i Coats: Fàbrica de Creació, Teatre Sagarra de Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Roca Umbert Fàbrica de Creació.

Planned functions

Santa Coloma

Teatre Sagarra
16 March at 19:00 h