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Un camí de moments / RODA / The Vitruvian Human / EuTierria&Rhythm

Terrassa dance schools / Marea Danza / Valentin Alfery / Fàtima Campos i Oriol Roca

60 minutes



The Masia Freixa is filled with dance in a triple program full of energy by three choreographers and the special performance of students from the city's dance schools Arte Dance Terrassa, Estudio de danza Esther Anton i Neit Danza with choreography by Albert Bassas.

"Un camí de moments" Terrassa Arte Dance Terrassa, Estudio de danza Esther Anton i Neit Danza with Albert Bassas

The choreographer Albert Bassas presents us with a small choreographic action, specially designed for this space, performed by students from the Arte Dance Terrassa, Estudio de danza Esther Anton i Neit Danza schools in Terrassa.

The Masia Farga, built in 1896 as a yarn factory, until recently housed the Municipal Music Conservatory. Un camí de moments is inspired, on the one hand, by the characteristic undulations of this modernist building, and, on the other, by its permanence despite the passage of time.
I don't sing for the voice, I sing for a friend of mine.

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Author: Albert Bassas - Performers: Students of the dance schools of Terrassa

"Roda", Marea Danza

This piece starring five dancers revisits Valencian popular dance from a contemporary perspective. Five women, upright and interconnected, dance looking to the future as they create an ode to life and the land. Like five pieces of clay, they participate in the traditional rite of turning the body in order to become energy, power and emotion. The resulting piece, an approach to folklore in which this unique company connects with their roots, won the award for best street show at the 2021 AAEE IVC awards.

Marea Danza is a flamenco and Spanish dance company created in 2014 that seeks to bring these disciplines closer to contemporary creation. And it does so in all aspects, giving equal weight to dramaturgy, dance, stage design and image through a modern stage language. This is its approach not just in Roda, but also in other shows such as Relieves, Amelia (winner of a 2018 FETEN award) and Rebel·lió (best children’s show at the 2021 AAEE IVC awards).

Data sheet

Creator: Marea Danza - Directed by: Sara Cano - Composer/Musical director: Efrén López, David Gadea, Andrés Belmonte (musical director), Pep Gimeno “Botifarra” and Carles Dénia - Performed by: Elena Marava, Irene de la Rosa, María José Hernández, Paula Sebastián and Marta Sofía Gallego - Wardrobe: Estudio Savage

"The Vitruvian" by Human Valentin Alfery

Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of his conception of a human with ideal body proportions in relation to the two geometrical figures considered perfect, the square and circle is the artistic starting point and becomes the subject of an investigation by this solo performer. A piece that combines breakdance with contemporary dance, about the search for ideals and the failure of perfection in dance, choreography and improvisation.

Valentin Alfery is a self-taught dancer and choreographer from the street/club style community. During his early years in the jam and European battle scene, he started to work as a self-employed dancer on theatre projects in 2004. With Dušana Baltić, he is the co-founder and co-director of the Austrian dance company Hungry Sharks. After his first big solo stage show, Falling (2009), he took part in the filming of seven feature films, the underwater dance performance Zeitgeist and various short pieces with the Hungry Sharks, as well as academic and project-based creations.

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Author, director and performer: Valentin Alfery - Composer / Musical director: Patrick Gutensohn - Photography: Dušana Baltić

"EuTierria&Rhythm" by Fàtima Campos i Oriol Roca

A limited place, a limited time, a space where architecture and nature meet spontaneously with the dance of Fàtima Campos and the live music of Oriol Roca in an experience of harmony and chaos, a reflection of our relationship with the world and with what we have to touch.

Fàtima Campos, dancer and choreographer, who walks her path in creation and interpretation sharing studies and landscapes with live music, theatre, circus, video art and poetry. He is accompanied by Oriol Roca, jazz musician, composer and sound designer, who in his works suggests unique auditory experiences that challenge the audience through the use of space and elements of spontaneity, including improvisation.

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Author, director and performer: Fàtima Campos and Oriol Roca
Guided tour by the students of the Basics for the Theory of Architecture, from the Escola Técnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC), coordinated by professors Toni Ramon and Núria Moliner.

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Masia Freixa
12 March at 12:00 h