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Avec le temps... / La Banda

Cornellà dance schools / Claire Ducreux and Toni Mira / OtraDanza

100 minutes aprox



Enjoy a triple program with two companies full of life and a special performance by the students of the city's dance schools, the Escola Municipal de Música Roser Cabanas, Escola de dansa Eva Gris, Cia. Lab 32, Vanesa Gálvez resident artist Escola ARC, Absolute Dance and Ashéokan Dance Studio with choreography by Toni Mira and the special collaboration of Escola Municipal de Música Roser Cabanas.

"Escola Municipal de Música Roser Cabanas, Escola de dansa Eva Gris, Cia. Lab 32, Vanesa Gálvez resident a Escuela ARC, Absolute Dance and Ashéokan Dance Studio" with Toni Mira

Choreographer Toni Mira presents us with a small choreographic action, specially designed for this space, performed by students from the city's dance schools: Escola de dansa Eva Gris, Cia. Lab 32, ARC School, Absolute Dance, Ashéokan Dance Studio and Escola Municipal de Música Roser Cabanas.


The union of music and dance leads to a game of questions and answers, which are nurtured to achieve greater complicity.

Petite Suite III. Menuet de Debussy

Vinyet Vilaplana and Marc Gelabert dance this piece of classical dance performed on the piano with 4 hands by Albert Andreu and his student


The contemporary dance company Lab.32 of the Eva Gris dance school, experiments with movement in an improvisation based on the use of space and the relationship with objects, to the rhythm of a saxophone and a trumpet.


Choreographic intervention that explores, through the language of Spanish dance, the idea of the ephemeral, of the brief, the antithesis of the footprint. The piece unfolds in step with the spectators, where some will stay and others will simply move forward without looking back.

Data sheet

Performance: Eva Gris Dance School (Marc Gelabert and Vinyet Vilaplana) and Cia. LAB 32 (Marta Anglada, Karen Garrido, Sara Gázquez, Paula Gil, Maria Holguin, Emma Martí, Ariana Martínez, Arnau Mendoza, Sonia Rivera, Lucia Saladrigas Jana Sinyol, Vinyet Vilaplana, Queralt Vilaplana, Carla Rico, Eva Jornet); Vanesa Gálvez Resident ARC school; ASHÉOKAN DANCE STUDIO (Ernesto García and Alba Calvet teachers and performers); ABSOLUTE DANCE (students Ona Alcaraz Muñoz and Carmen Piñero) and with the participation of teachers and students from the Escola Municipal de Música Roser Cabanas.

"Avec le temps..." by Claire Ducreux & Toni Mira

She has recently become blind. He supports her as much as he can. A show full of tenderness, trust and humour focused on discovering how to move forward in a world that she can no longer see, and that he must learn to see for both of them. Dance visual theatre, poetry and humour in a show where time passes amid routines and memories, dancing in the midst of sadness and joy.

Claire Ducreux, a graduate in contemporary dance from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse et de Musique de Lyon, performed with a number of dance companies in France from 1992 to 1999. She has created and performed several dance solos in street theatre festivals that have travelled halfway around the world. Toni Mira, a graduate in contemporary dance from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, has been the director of the Nats Nus dance company since 1987. He has received a number of awards, such as the 2010 City of Barcelona Award and also the 2010 National Dance Award.

Data sheet

Author and performer: Claire Ducreux and Toni Mira - Directed by: Claire Ducreux - Composer/Musical director: Various authors

"La Banda", OtraDanza

La Banda is a chaotic nomadic family. Five fun characters who are all very different, but who complement each other to perfection, meet, work together, have fun and share knowledge and experience. A piece that paints a picture of teamwork, demanding a space to share, discovering the meaning of being, of life and of living together from childhood. A show that is full of humour, dance, and nods to the circus where audiences will learn about sharing, connecting, adapting and reinventing oneself as part of a team.

OtraDanza, founded by Asun Noales in 2007, has developed a very personal style in its stage productions, which are based on a physical and poetic language and careful staging. Its repertoire is made up of a diversity of projects and formats, covering a broad spectrum and addressing innovative and socially committed themes. Asun Noales' work has received a number of awards, including the AE Valenciana and MAX awards.

Data sheet

Artistic direction and choreography: Asun Noales - Authorship / stage direction: Asun Noales and Lucas Escobedo - Authorship / musical direction: Raquel Molano - Production and musical engineering: Óscar Guzmán - Studio recording: Raquel Molano, Óscar Guzmán, Toni Mateos and Miguel Ángel Varela - Dramaturgy: Lucas Escobedo - Interpretation: Jorge Castro, Anna Sagrera/Dahiana Betancourt, Marta Santacatalina, Carla Sisteré and Aaron Vázquez/Sebastián Rowinsky - Assistant director: Carmela García - Scenography: Luis Crespo - Costume: Ana Esteban - Photography: Germán Antón - Production: OtraDanza

  • Guided tour by the students of the Basics for the Theory of Architecture, from the Escola Técnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC), coordinated by professors Toni Ramon and Núria Moliner.

Planned functions


Fàbrica Can Bagaria / Escola Municipal de Música Roser Cabanas
19 March at 11:30 h