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Bailes de histéricas

Cia. Carmen Muñoz

50 minutes



Programme Barcelona Districte Cultural

A journey through four female dance icons: Fanny Elssler, Carmen Mora, Manuela Vargas and La Chana.

In the 19th century, the proponents of modern dance - who broke from traditionalist dance structures using internal feminine expression - were treated in a derogatory way by those who accused them of making "hysterical dances." Based on this idea, and through research into the bodies of the four dancers chosen as references, Carmen Muñoz created Bailes de histéricas. The work's objective is to reach these women’s bodies, their intuition of movement and corporeal expression. A journey that begins in the 19th century, with the figure of the Spanish dancer Fanny Elssler, and then travels into the 1980s with the references of Carmen Mora, Manuela Vargas and La Chana.

Since her training in flamenco and Spanish dance at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid and at the Institut del Teatre, Granada-born Carmen Muñoz has felt particularly drawn to contemporary dance and experimentation. Perhaps for this reason, the search for a body language of her own - without losing sight of the flamenco inspiration of bailaoras and cantaores - has been a constant in the dancer's professional career. Bailes de histéricas is her third piece, following Vallejo and Catalina mía and her participation in various artistic projects with the Lxs Empíricxs collective and the Performing 19 platform.

Data sheet

Directed, choreographed and performed by: Carmen Muñoz Guest cantaor: Pirata (Jorge Mesa) Dramaturgy Assistant: Salvador S. Sánchez Original music composed by: Reserva Espiritual de Occidente, Arnau Montserrat

Planned functions


Centre Cívic La Sagrera “La Barraca”
24 March at 18:00 h