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CLINCH / Nunca bailaré solo

Àngel Duran / Iron Skulls Company

40 Minutes



In boxing, the term ‘clinch’ refers to the moment when the two fighters 'hug', blocking the opponent's punches until the referee separates them. CLINCH, the show, questions the dictates of contemporary masculinity and the way that men feel challenged by other men to confirm their virility and their identity.
Àngel Duran's work explores the human condition through body language and a clear commitment to the new dramaturgy. Influenced by philosophy and theatre, the artist explores the poetry of movement and emotional expression with the aim of connecting with the audience and inviting them to get to know his personal imaginary.

Nunca bailaré solo:
How can the inexpressible be expressed? Can feelings of loss or hope be expressed through movement, through dance? This is precisely what Diego Garrido does in his latest piece.
Diego Garrido is an artist who trained in breaking and other urban dances in Barcelona, where he co-founded the company Iron Skulls. He has performed in countries as diverse as Germany, England, the USA, Austria, Finland, Brazil, Mexico and Panama.

First shift:
20 h Nunca bailaré solo
20:30 h CLINCH

Second shift:
20:30 h CLINCH
21:10 h Nunca bailaré solo

Data sheet

Concept and direction:
Àngel Duran Performing: Yeinner Chicas, Àngel Duran OST: Joan Borràs Lighting design: Elean Piscitilli Costumes: Paula Ventura Executive production: ELCLIMAMOLA
In collaboration with Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, Festus Festival and Sólodos Costa Rica.

Nunca bailaré solo:
Created and performed by:
Diego Garrido Text: Alejandro Samaniego. Photography: Olga Segura Stage: Cal Gras

Planned functions


Can Trinxet
15 March at 20:00 h
Can Trinxet
15 March at 20:30 h