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Sebastian Weber Dance Company


COWBOYS is a thrilling symbiosis of brilliant tap and raw, exuberant, furious physical movement, in a show that speaks about the populists in power and the supporters who spur them on.

COWBOYS is a dazzling, boisterous, frantic piece of dance on the subject of the populists in power. It celebrates the lack of shame and the egomania, the thundering confidence in themselves, and the cruelty of the populists who take the law into their own hands. It mocks the feverish helpless people, who make these cowboys their heroes. And the liberals in power, who stoke the fire with their honesty and outrage. At some point on the edge, you can see the legendary sworn enemy of the cowboys, according to the spirit of the time and the place. And since cowboys always have to shoot somebody, death also dances. Populism is a show, but the show is the territory of the seven dancers and 3 musicians who go on an intense voyage through wild waters. COWBOYS is a thrilling symbiosis of brilliant tap and raw, exuberant, furious physical movement. Volcanic, daring and intoxicating. Saxony Dance Prize 2019.

The Sebastian Weber Dance Company, from Leipzig (Germany), moves to express something and tell a story. Their tap dancing is a way of confronting the world. They develop dance pieces on subjects that move us in everyday life and allow them to find their position on social issues. They love the feeling of dancing: the intoxication of the groove and the vigilance of the body. They plan to dance until they are as old as the hills. Tap dancing is always music. And always communication.

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Sala Ramon Romagosa
13 March at 20:00 h
Entrades exhaurides