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Criaturas del desorden (Ficciones botánicas) (Creatures of Disorder [Botanical Fictions])

Elena Córdoba


A collection of danced and sung fictions, inspired by images of flowers seen through a microscope. These flowers were picked during lockdown near the river Guadarrama.

This work is a collection of danced fictions, constructed from images of vegetation seen through a microscope. Each of these fictions is based on the observation of a flower and on the comparison between this most delicate plant architecture and our bodies. We picked these flowers between the months of March and June last year. During this time, our life put down roots, those months were our vegetal time. When we look through the microscope we see the appearance of lightweight universes, seemingly unreal, with their own coordinates, their gravity, their structures. We have placed our bodies opposite them. We have approached these flowers dancing and singing, showing the powers of our pale, muscular, invaded bodies, asking dance to be a tool and a spell to distance ourselves from the void in disorderly fashion.

Elena Córdoba constructs her work based on the detailed observation of the body, the axis and material of her work. In 2008 she began Anatomía poética, a cycle of creation about the interior of the human body, comprising works and studies in different formats and which is still ongoing. She is especially interested by the human act of dancing, the need for it and its social survival. She has taken part in different research and artistic practice groups like Bailar ¿es eso lo que queréis? along with Ana Buitrago and Jaime Conde Salazar, Déjame entrar, colectivo anatómico, and ¿Bailamos?. She is currently working with the body and botany in the context of Ficciones Botánicas, a study and fictional project based on the world of plants and its laws of choreography.

Show scheduled by Teatre Lliure

Planned functions


Teatre Lliure / Gràcia
6 March at 20:00h
Sold out
Teatre Lliure / Gràcia
7 March at 18:00h
Sold out

Show details

80 minutes
9 € / 19 €
Dancers and authors
Clara Pampyn, María José Pire and Jesús Rubio Gamo
Direction, microscope and writing
Elena Córdoba
Assistant director
Mar López
Video and creation of visual devices
David Benito
Sound creation, violin and voice
Luz Prado in collaboration with Rubén Turba
Lighting design
Carlos Marquerie
Lighting technician
Antonio Serrano
Sound technician
Pablo Contreras
Javier Marquerie Bueno
With the support of
Teatre Lliure, La Caldera, Centre de Creació and the Madrid City Council and INAEM programme of Support for Creation.