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Xiexin Dance Theatre

65 minutes


For audiences aged 12 and over


Taking as a starting point Chinese calligraphy, specifically, the Chinese character “人” (pronounced rén), which means “person”, a leading company in the contemporary dance scene in Asia explores what unites us as human beings. It does so by focusing on the point of contact between the only two strokes that make up the character, each of which, moreover, point in the opposite direction. It is a symbol of the meeting of two possibilities, of the existence of a point of exchange between opposites, a place of connection that is at the centre of relations with others.
You will see the dancers of the company appear and disappear as if they were ghostly figures in an enigmatic and elegant combination of tradition and modernity.
The Xiexin Dance Theatre has been one of the great leaders of contemporary dance in China since the company was founded in 2014. Directed by the choreographer Xie Xin, it focuses on the search for the body, on awareness of contemporary dance and on the creation of original works. Xie Xin was a dancer with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, the Shanghai Jinxing Dance Theatre, the Beijing Tao Dance Theatre and the Beijing Dance LDTX, but you’re most likely to have seen her dancing with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's company. A key figure in contemporary dance, she is the creator of a choreographic language in which each movement conveys emotions with the utmost precision.

Data sheet

Choreography and direction: Xie Xin - Music: Jiang Shaofeng, Yin Yi - Production: Liu He - Technical direction and lighting: Gao Jie - Wardrobe: Li Kun - Performers: Xie Xin, Hu Shengyuan, Liu Xuefang, Zhang Yin, Qian Min, Tu Youzhen, Liu Xue, Wang Qi, Ma Siyuan

Planned functions


Factoria Cultural de Terrassa
15 March at 21:00 h