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Agnés Sales / Cia. Du’K’tO

60 minutes


7 years and older


What is happiness? The word is part of our collective psyche; it is a constant presence in our lives and rarely does a day go by in which we do not feel it, think about it or even say it out loud. Happy Everything explores the concept of happiness and others that have to do with it in today's world: holidays, commercialisation and, in short, the industry generated around it. Urban dances, contemporary dance and theatricality are at the heart of the show.
Agnés Sales and Héctor Plaza began working together in 2014, when they found that they had much in common in terms of their bodily baggage, and established an intimate, visceral and minimalist connection of reciprocal listening. Their performances focus on the importance of gesture and the intentions of movement, and take place in sober spaces with a strong emotional charge.

Artèries Transmission:
The choreographer Héctor Plaza presents us a choreographic action performed and danced by the students from the Escola Varium (Barcelona).

A Rienda Suelta:
A Rienda Suelta is to let oneself go without putting up resistance; it is to let one's imagination fly through play and memory, and to enjoy it collectively. They are three friends who have fun with each other and with the audience, expressing themselves through acrobatic language, dance and humour.
Du'K'tO is a Catalan-Balearic company dedicated to the creation and production of circus and contemporary dance performances. Since 2015, the group has been developing a stage language based on acrobatic movement and its fusion with dance, which has led to the shows In-Confort (2017), Cafuné (2018), Lume (2021) and now A Rienda Suelta (2023).

PLEASE, NOTICE that performance has ben delayed by an hour due the rain.

Data sheet

Directors and choreographers:
Agnés Sales, Héctor Plaza - Performers: Agnés Sales - Music: Genaro Cibils - Creative support: Hop Festival and Auditori de Sant Martí

School performance:
Directed by: Héctor Plaza Artistic glance: Agnés Sala Choreography: Héctor Plaza & Varium students: Aida Carretero, Aina Paris Matesanz, Alice Clairet, Arjuna Premamayi Beckwith Ball, Capucine Cargou Carme, Eva Gosselin-Barthélemy, Fantine Lacote, Inès Cointepas, Inti Franc-Régis, Iván González Gómez, Joana Torner Cerdà, Lina Planès, Lucas Girard, Maëlis Kieken, Margot Arroyo Bousquet, Marina Vila Masgrau, Mila Heulin, Pepote Cavaller Pedrosa and Sophie Esmeralda Winkler

A Rienda Suelta:
Original idea and production:
Du’K’tO Company - Artistic director: Lucio A. Baglivo - Choreographic outside perspective: Laia Santanach - Music composed by: Pol Jubany - Performers: Adrián Pérez, Bàrbara Vidal and Bernat Messeguer - Audiovisual material: Raúl Cavero Garrido - Collaborators: Cronopis Espai de Circ a Mataró (Catalonia), Centre d’Investigació Escènica (Balearic Islands), Teatre Principal (Balearic Islands), Fira de Circ al Carrer (Catalonia), Societat Cultural Sant Jaume (Catalonia) and Aula de Teatre (Catalonia) - With the support of: Cultural Initiative Support Office (OSIC) and the Institute of Balearic Studies (Balearic Islands) - Recognition: Premià de Mar's Friendship Space Award for Artistic Creation and the Lola Casademont Audience Award at the Fira de Circ al Carrer

Planned functions


Centre Cívic la Teixonera (Cobertura Ronda de Dalt-Avinguda Jordà)
3 March at 13:00 h