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Otra Danza / ERTZA

70 minutes



La Banda is a chaotic nomadic family made up of five characters who will delight young and old alike; and Otempodiz is the result of an exchange and creation project between Euskadi and Mozambique, which shows the power of dance for experiencing time in an absolute present.

This show requires a little displacement.

"La Banda", OtraDanza

La Banda is a chaotic nomadic family. Five fun characters who are all very different, but who complement each other to perfection, meet, work together, have fun and share knowledge and experience. A piece that paints a picture of teamwork, demanding a space to share, discovering the meaning of being, of life and of living together from childhood. A show that is full of humour, dance, and nods to the circus where audiences will learn about sharing, connecting, adapting and reinventing oneself as part of a team.

This show requieres a little displacement

OtraDanza, founded by Asun Noales in 2007, has developed a very personal style in its stage productions, which are based on a physical and poetic language and careful staging. Its repertoire is made up of a diversity of projects and formats, covering a broad spectrum and addressing innovative and socially committed themes. Asun Noales' work has received a number of awards, including the AE Valenciana and MAX awards.

Data sheet

Artistic direction and choreography: Asun Noales - Authorship / stage direction: Asun Noales and Lucas Escobedo - Authorship / musical direction: Raquel Molano - Production and musical engineering: Óscar Guzmán - Studio recording: Raquel Molano, Óscar Guzmán, Toni Mateos and Miguel Ángel Varela - Dramaturgy: Lucas Escobedo - Interpretation: Jorge Castro, Anna Sagrera/Dahiana Betancourt, Marta Santacatalina, Carla Sisteré and Aaron Vázquez/Sebastián Rowinsky - Assistant director: Carmela García - Scenography: Luis Crespo - Costume: Ana Esteban - Photography: Germán Antón - Production: OtraDanza


In the West, time is measured, bought, sold, planned and organised... but there is almost never enough of it. By contrast, in Africa time is experienced, it is something you have, something you do, an asset that is almost never lacking. Otempodiz is the result of an exchange and creation project between Euskadi and Mozambique, which shows the power of dance for experiencing time in an absolute present.

This show requieres a little displacement

ERTZA was created in 2004, directed by the dancer and choreographer Asier Zabaleta, with the aim of opening up a new space for choreographic creation, without ties or conventionalisms, creating projects in collaboration with artists from other disciplines. Their productions pose questions about human and social contradictions, inviting the audience to reflect on current themes. ERTZA has presented its productions in the following countries: China, the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Mozambique, Portugal and Spain.

Data sheet

Author, director and photographer: Asier Zabaleta - Performers: Fenias Nhumaio and Deissane Machava - Production/Support: ERTZA SORKUNTZA ARTISTIKOA S.L - Support: Spanish Embassy in Mozambique – Cooperación Española (AECID), Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea (Regional Government of Guipúzcoa), ATLANTIKALDIA Festival

Planned functions

Sant Cugat

Parc Ramon Barnils + Plaça de l’U d’octubre
18 March at 18:00 h