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Lo faunal (extracte) / Cavalo do Cão

Cia. Pol Jiménez / João Lima


Lo Faunal (extract) is a journey between species, a solo constructed from what we know as Spanish dance, declassifying two of its four branches, folklore and bolero, cut through by the figure of the Faun.

Cavalo do Cão: this singular dancer explores animality through contemporary dance and the fusion scene to revisit the history of colonialism.

Lo Faunal (extract)
Cia. Pol Jiménez

In this extract from the solo Lo Faunal, the dancer Pol Jiménez embodies the mythological figure of the Faun, who during his midday nap fantasizes about the nymphs. To do this, he takes his inspiration from Nijinsky’s representation of the Faun in classical dance, and both the performer and the director of the piece, Bruno Ramri, focus on the idea that it is not just a mythological character, but rather a condition. A condition that it shares with Spanish dance, that of constant fusion in order to expand its frontiers.

Pol Jiménez is a Spanish dance and flamenco artist constantly searching for new codes and question marks of performance and contemporary ideas to nourish his creations. Despite his youth, he has had an intense career as a dancer and choreographer working with companies and choreographers like the Fura dels Baus, Cesc Gelabert, Juan Carlos Lérida, José Manuel Àlvarez and Àngel Rojas. He also works with the musical groups Los Aurora and Maestros de la guitarra. He won the prize for Best Dancer at the 2018 Critics Awards for the Performing Arts and at the 25th Butaca Prizes.

Cavalo do Cão
João Lima

In Brazilian Portuguese, Cavalo do Cão ("a dog’s horse", translated literally into English) is an expression that means at one and the same time an insect whose sting causes harrowing pain; an indomitable person and the horse ridden by the Devil. The term suggests a type of animality in transformation. The dancer João Lima embodies this animal through a contemporary dance show evoking for us a figure whose way of life is hybrid. A composition based on materiality and on the rhythm of the body and space, through the (dis)union between gesture and voice, image and sound, and perhaps, to place us somewhere between loveliness and horror.

João Lima (Brazil, 1980) is a performer, choreographer and educator in different artistic organizations. He studied on the Actors Training Course at the Fundación Joaquim Nabuco and in the Performing Arts degree at the UFPE. In his professional career he is also noted for having been the artistic director of Articulações - Foro de Artes Escénicas that took place in Recife in 2009 and 2014, and he has been a teacher in different organizations and dance schools. He is currently an artist-teacher on the Temps d’art project.

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