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Los Perros / FAKE YOU

Led Silhouette + Marcos Morau / Clàudia Mirambell

60 minutes



Two performers transform their bodies through dance, emulating the movements of dogs and showing the animal's capacity for resistance to any adversity, and a declaration of love to the imperfect copy, in which the gestures are repeated and re-signified eternally generating a shanzhai ritual.

"Los Perros", Led Silhouette + Marcos Morau

Two performers use their bodies like walking, ownerless dogs. They transform in a dance, sharing joy, but also pain, falling down and getting up again, rebelling through love, generosity and commitment. A piece full of symbolism that aims to reach a state of resistance, where we see how the duo overcome violence and deterioration together.

Martxel Rodríguez and Jon López direct Led Silhouette, a creative group of artists trained in various dance disciplines and influenced by contemporary art, in parallel with their activities in the La Veronal company. Their productions have been performed at festivals and circuits such as Madrid en Danza, Temporada Alta, Escena Patrimonio, Festival Quincena de Dança Almada in Portugal, Festival Internazional Nuova Danza in Italy, Platea, Danza Escena and Programa.cat.

Data sheet

Authorship and production: Led Silhouette - Directed by: Marcos Morau - Author/Musical director: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra - Choreographer: Marcos Morau, in collaboration with the performers - Performers: Jon Lopez and Martxel Rodríguez - Assistant director and audiovisual: Marina Rodríguez - Scenographer: David Pascual - Costume design: Iñaki Cobos - Lighting design: Andoni Mendizabal - Technical team: Andoni Mendizabal and Iñaki Iriarte - Photographer: Irantzu Pastor - Artistic collaboration: Verde Prato - Distribution: Monicadegira, Mònica Garcia Gené - Support: Programa DNA from the Government of Navarre's Department of Culture and INNOVA Cultural from Fundación Caja Navarra - Fundación "La Caixa"

"FAKE YOU" de Clàudia Mirambell

A declaration of love to the white label, to the imperfect copy. The white color of the staging it promises purity and neutrality, but bodies color the atmosphere with symbols. FAKE YOU is a ritual pagan shanzhai and probably useless, in which gestures and movements are eternally resigned, generating a repetition that gradually leads to the error and that ends up making visible the details that they make each body unique.

Clàudia Mirambell, a choreographer and architect, is drawn towards multidisciplinary creation through performing arts and performance art, exploring different formats that encompass body, space, visual arts and text. Her work, inspired by the potential of the absurd and of seemingly trivial details, but grounded in analysis and precision, explores mismatches, ambivalence and out-of-context moments to eradicate perceptual inertia. She works on her own creations and is also part of the Eléctrico 28 collective.

Co-produced by
Co-produced by Dansa Metropolitana

Data sheet

Written and directed by: Clàudia Mirambell - Composer/Musical director: Dabú - Performed by: Uxía Pérez Dios and Clàudia Mirambell Adroher - Stage design and lighting design: Sergi Cerdan - Audiovisual: Marc Costa - Costumes: Sergi Cerdan and Clàudia Mirambell - Photography: Marc Costa - Co-produced by: Dansa Metropolitana - Special thanks to: Konvent, Elena Lalucat, Carla Sisteré

Planned functions


Centre Cívic Barceloneta
18 March at 19:30 h