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Onde pousa a humida de + El Mar ens crida + Me quiten lo bailao

Marcia Vázquez Ramírez + Dancing Human + Guille Vidal-Ribas i Jose Manuel Álvarez

45 minutes



A solo that delves into waiting and the relationship of the body with past and present time, inspired by the Galician coast, the coast with the most shipwrecks in Europe; then a journey towards the interior of oneself to reflect through dance on the environmental effects caused by plastics in the sea and finally, women of different generations come together in a communal and shared dance ritual to assert collective listening.

Onde pousa a humidade

A solo that explores waiting and the body's relationship with past and present time, inspired by the Galician coastline, which suffers the most shipwrecks in Europe. A tribute to the women who always hope that the ocean will at least return the remains of their relatives to them. A piece selected for the Masdanza International Competition.
Dancer, creator and promoter of Galician culture. Her origins are urban, but she finally chose contemporary dance. She is part of the third and fourth generation to undergo international training at La Faktoria Coreographic Center. She works on hybrid projects with other audiovisual artists and musicians. Marcia is an artist who is inseparable from her personal motivations, body-community, territory-identity. 

Data sheet

Author, director and performer: Marcia Vázquez - Author/Musical director: Leilía / Mercedes Peón - Movement assistant: Carmen Larraz - Costume design: Margarita Ramírez - Special thanks to: Raquel Jara and Paula Ramis

El Mar ens crida

A journey within ourselves to reflect on the environmental effects of disposing of plastics in the sea through dance. What would the sea tell us if it could speak? Through a dialogue between the individual and the environment, the audience will travel through different spaces, where they will meet marine beings trying to coexist in a changing environment that has been manipulated by humankind. A production in which young creators express their concerns about sea pollution through dance.
Dancing Human is a dance group created in 2020 as an artistic platform for young people based in Badalona. Silvia Pallisera leads the group. She has a long career behind her as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and organiser of a range of different shows. The group’s language and style of choreography varies with each of the dancers. El Mar ens crida is their first creative work.

Data sheet

Written, produced, staged, and with photography by: Dancing Human - Directed by: Silvia Pallisera - Performed by: Emma Soldevila, Paula Sanchez, Núria Farlete, Claudia Cote, Jair Codina, Mireia Miralles, Mariangels Gimeno, Martina de Michelis - Audiovisuals: Alba Sastre - Wardrobe: Rut Castelló, Eva Alcoverro and Silvia Pallisera - Lighting design: Paul Jorna - Special thanks to: Teatre Zorrilla de Badalona and Jordi Argelet

Community show: Me quiten lo bailao

Three groups of women from different generations come together to hear a song by Martirio and share their individual experiences. This is the starting point for the creation of Me quiten lo bailao, where each group has contributed their body and character to a musical score proposed by the choreographers Guille Vidal-Ribas and Jose Manuel Álvarez. The result is a shared ritual that vindicates bodies and dance as indispensable factors, demonstrating the urgency of listening.
The choreographers Guille Vidal-Ribas and Jose Manuel Álvarez come together again, a decade after they collaborated on an inter-generational, participative dance production. Blurring the boundaries of their own disciplines, urban dance and flamenco, they explore the things they have in common, such as community dance forms. On stage are three groups of non-professional artists from L’Hospitalet, Badalona and Sant Cugat, who have taken part in the creative process.

Data sheet

Written and directed by: Guille Vidal-Ribas, Jose Manuel Álvarez - Composer / Musical director: Various composers, Carlos Cuenca - Performed by: Inter-generational groups of women from L’Hospitalet, Sant Cugat and Badalona - Assistant director: Martín Piñol - Production/Support: Flamenco Projects - Special thanks to: The Dansa Metropolitana teams in the cities of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Sant Cugat and Badalona.

Planned functions


Centre Cultural l'Escorxador - exterior
18 March at 12:00 h