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Quatre octaves i mitja (Four and a half octaves)

Mònica Muntaner and Rosa Muñoz


Quatre octaves i mitja is a concert that is never actually specified. Based on the biography of Jeff Buckley the choreographers speak about melancholy, old age, death, love, chance, sadness and humour.

Original texts, song lyrics, well-known tunes that refer to the collective memory, versions of existing musical numbers … poetically describe a fragmented world full of feelings, shapes and textures.

We, Mònica Muntaner and Rosa Muñoz.

Were born in 1966, we are daughters of parents with progressive ideals and we lived our childhood under the dictatorship of General Franco. We lived our youth in the hope of achieving a democracy, and we reached maturity late, quite late, very late.

We became mothers at the age of 40 and much more.

We are the generation of Miguel Bosé’s Linda and Super Superman.

We know nothing about music, we can’t play an instrument, we can’t sing, neither of us can play in tune and we can’t even keep time for very long.

No idea what whites, blacks or quavers are.

And we have never sung to ourselves in the shower.

But what we do know is that we like to dress like rock stars, get up on stage and have our pictures taken.

We like looking out and seeing five thousand people shouting and jumping in front of us. Five thousand people fainting at your feet can turn your head, but just one can do also.

We also like drinking beer, me more than Rosa, who is more of a Mirinda orange person.

We have all at some time been close to the edge because of somebody. We have all had someone drown in a river.

Before Rosa and I die, hair dishevelled and pretty, looking like we’ve taken drugs a few times, we want to do a concert.

4, 5, 6, 7”

Mònica Muntaner (1966) trained as a contemporary dancer in Barcelona. She has worked as a dancer/performer with different creators and companies. She is the artistic co-director of La Poderosa, a space for creation in Barcelona founded in 2000, and the co-founder of the groups Les Santes (a multidisciplinary artistic group) and ARTAS (artists associated with La Poderosa). She combines her artistic side as a creator giving dance classes to children and adolescents and training sessions for adults. She has taken part in the bodywork in different social projects with immigrant women, women at risk of social exclusion and the elderly. She is currently in the fourth year of her training in hatha yoga at the EQUILIBRIUM – Bhakti Yoga Shala – school (Barcelona) and is creating her latest project for the stage with Rosa Muñoz.

Rosa Muñoz (1967) directed the RARAVIS dance company with fellow choreographer Andrés Corchero from 1995 to 2009. She has combined her solo creations with collaborations with other choreographers like Sofia Asencio, Carmelo Salazar, Søren Evinson, the performer Jorge Albuerne and the poet Eduard Escoffet. After a voluntary break to have a baby, she is now immersed in the process of this new work, Quatre octaves i mitja, with Mònica Muntaner.

Planned functions


La Caldera Les Corts
19 March at 20:00h
La Caldera Les Corts
20 March at 20:00h

Show details

50 minutes
10 - 12 €
Performers and creators
Mònica Muntaner and Rosa Muñoz
Rosa Muñoz
Silvia Kuchinow
Artistic assistants
Silvia Sant and Bea Fernández
Construction bench
Kike Blanco
Sergi Fäustino, Anna Subirana and Roberto Romero
Dansa Metropolitana 2019 and Antic Teatre - Espai de Creació
Festival SÂLMON 2019