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Ramat hipnòtic o llibertat? / Anónimas raíces / CHECKING INTO PARADISE

Cies. Sabadell / Colectivo Premohs / FREE BODIES

50 minutes aprox



Enjoy the dance in a very varied triple program with two companies that fuse contemporary and urban and the special performance of the Associació de Dansa Contemporània de Sabadell, Cia. Petit Mon and AME Moviment Expressió with choreography by Laia Vila and Emilio Bravo

"Ramat hipnòtic o llibertat?" Associació de Dansa Contemporània de Sabadell, Cia. Petit Mon and AME Moviment Expressió, with Laia Vila and Emilio Bravo

Choreographers Laia Vila and Emilio Bravo present us with a small choreographic action, specially designed for this space, performed by students of the Associació de Dansa Contemporània de Sabadell, Cia. Petit Mon and AME Moviment Expressió of Sabadell.

When the society of "The happy world" by A. Huxley predicted that the masses would love their servitude, the presence of co-capacity frees uniformity from subjugation.

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Choreography: Laia Vila and Emilio Bravo

"Anónimas raíces", Colectivo Premohs

What are our roots? And our culture? A vibrant, fascinating piece by four young Andalusian dancers who combine flamenco and urban dance to ask themselves: “Who are we?” A question they felt the need to ask outside of their homeland in order to explore the origin of their artistic interests. This piece is the result of the originality and conviction with which they fuse flamenco rhythms and hip-hop, uniting flamenco tradition and African culture through music.

Premohs Collective is an Andalusian dance collective created in 2016 and made up of the dancers Paloma Ramos, Isaac Suárez, Antonio León and Marta Reguera. Since then, it has participated in various festivals and artistic residencies such as the Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera and the Mediterranean Dance Center, among others. It also won first prize in the urban dance category of the Burgos New York choreography contest.

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Creator and wardrobe: Premohs Collective - Composer/Musical director: Bulería rhythms by Junco, Nature de Fuel Fandango, Foli and Ritmo Malinke - Performed by: Paloma Ramos Narváez, Isaac Suárez Jiménez, Antonio León Moreno and Marta Reguera Varela - Photography: Marga Lama - Special thanks to: El Hop Festival, Red Acieloabierto, Barceloneta Civic Centre


Choreographer and dancer Nadine Gerspacher creates a poetic and dreamlike universe where 14 people enact the process of transformation after death. A show full of images and a sense of togetherness that invites the audience to embark on a mysterious journey. What lies on the other side? What awaits us in paradise? Is it really better than what we have here on Earth? A work that invites us to see the heaven that is right here under our feet.

FREE BODIES was born in 2018 with the desire to create a bridge between the end of vocational training and the working world of dance in Barcelona. Nadine Gerspacher and Nico Ricchini join forces to offer 15 dancers the opportunity to work with international and local choreographers. With this year's fifth edition, FREE BODIES has managed to position itself among the most outstanding young companies in Europe.

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Directed by: Nadine Gerspacher - FREE BODIES’ directors: Nadine Gerspacher and Nico Ricchini - Rehearsal director: Ombline Huvelle - Performed by: Eliora Verdeil, Romane Postel, Mira Feline Clara Urbassek, Vanessa Spörri, Astrid Gabriel, Cecilia Franceschelli, Melissa Salimbeni, Lindaz Zaniboni, Noemie Richard, Lisa Vianay, Zélia Sanchez Battestini, Julia Miralles, Paula Sanchez, and Guillem Batlle - Assistant directors: Ombline Huvelle and Camille Lejeune - Photography: Nicolas Clausen

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Vapor Codina + Pl. Bosch i Gimpera
18 March at 18:00 h