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Animal de séquia

Institut Valencià de Cultura presents Sol Picó


Institut Valencià de Cultura presents Sol Picó in Animal de séquia, a contemporary rereading of popular Valencian culture, a return to the most primal and earthly.

Animal de séquia offers a contemporary rereading of popular Valencian culture, revisiting its roots, in order to make a journey there and back, a return to the most primal and earthly. Directed by Sol Picó, with eight dancers on stage and live music, the piece takes the audience from today’s complex vital rhythm, full of throbbing vibrant stimuli, to something more organic, more natural and authentic: the mystical essence of the Valencian people.

Sol Picó is a Spanish dancer and choreographer. She has studied Spanish, classical and contemporary dance, and in her productions she combines different techniques and languages in a ground-breaking way. In 1993 she created the Companyia Sol Picó with which she has become one of the most unorthdox dancers and choreographers on the contemporary scene, combining pieces for the stage and the street. With her shows, over 30 creations, like Amor Diesel, Bésame el Cactus, El Llac de les Mosques, Memòries d’una puça, One-hit wonders and We Women, she has toured in every continent, visiting more than 35 different countries. She has won several prizes during her career. These include 10 Max prizes, the Catalan National Prize for Dance (2004), the City of Barcelona Prize for Dance (2015) and the National Dance Prize in the category of creation in 2016, among others.

The show is complemented with the activities One hour before Animal de séquia, by Institut Valencià de Cultura, on 13 March at 7 pm at the Mercat de les Flors, and the projection of the medium-length dance video film Paradís, on 13 March at 5:30 pm and on 14 March at 5 pm at the Mercat de les Flors.

Show scheduled by the Mercat de les Flors

Planned functions


Mercat de les Flors
13 March at 20:00h
Mercat de les Flors
14 March at 18:00h

Show details

60 minutes
20 €
Lorenza di Calogero, Alba Cerdeiriña Romero, Albert García Saurí, Rocío Gisbert Valor, Irene Maestre Serrano, Luis Martínez Gea, Rubén Peinado Tomás and Alicia Reig Jover.
Choreography and direction
Sol Picó
Assistant choreographer
Carlos Fernández
Jesús Salvador Chapi with the Banda de Música Chapicó (David Alonso, Alberto Ballester, Andreu Bayarri, Silvia Cantó, Marta Castiñeira, Adriana Catalá, Martín Chulvi, Aaron Colomer, Rubén de la Rosa, Pablo Fernández, Virginia Gómez, Irune Guna, Pili Lavado, Gloria Luzzy, Jorge Luzzy, Raúl Martí, Víctor Martínez, Paco Medina, Daniel Molina, Carlos Monzó, Vicent Muñoz, Joaquín Navarro, César Parreño, Irene Peris, Carles Ramos, José Luis Rodrigo, Carles Salvador, Jaume Verdés and Juan Vique)
Lighting design
Ximo Rojo
Set design and creation
Joan Manrique
Joan Miquel Reig
Assad Kasab
Coordination assistant
María José Mora
Cia Sol Picó
Executive production IVC
Leonardo Santos
Performing arts assistant direction IVC
Roberto García
Conselleria d’Educació, Cultura i Esports de la Generalitat Valenciana, Tots a una veu and Institut Valencià de Cultura – Fes Cultura
Josep Vicent Frechina, Vicent Baydal, Amàlia Garrigós, Adrià Gisbert, Faust, J.Pau and Tomàs Pau