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Filatures at the MUHBA Oliva Artés

Ana Borrosa, Àngel Duran, Juan Carlos Lérida


Filatures at the MUHBA Oliva Artés is a special programme within the Filatures project that presents excerpts from three different proposals at the MUHBA Oliva Artés: Night-in-gale by Ana Borrosa, UNRAVEL by Àngel Duran, and Máquinas Sagradas by Juan Carlos Lérida.

On the last day of the Dansa Metropolitana festival and as part of the Filatures project you will be able to enjoy a special programme inside the grounds of MUHBA Oliva Artés that will enable you to get a taste of part of Filatures, which will have been seen during the festival in different cities. Filatures at the MUHBA Oliva Artés will present excerpts from three pieces:

Night-in-gale, by Ana Borrosa, is a site-specific dance piece that talks about femininity. About its marginal condition and its relationship with weaving and fabrics, with concealment and transparency. Women’s relationship with the manual labour that they do and undo continuously, and which, therefore, has no productive value. Night-in-gale sets out to give shape to the immaterial, aerial, almost intangible, and ridiculously magical projections with which femininity is continually represented.

UNRAVEL, by Àngel Duran, is a piece inspired on the figure of the textile worker who, based on the testimonies of textile factory workers, questions the dichotomy between modernization and dehumanization, between the automatism of actions and human behaviour. In this piece human fragility is exposed, unravelling the collective memory of a generation, of which we are the heirs, like the perfectly braided thread formed by a thousand cotton fibres.

In Máquinas Sagradas, Juan Carlos Lérida, accompanied by the cantaor El Pirata, investigates the encounter between guilds, workers and collectives, creating a site-specific piece and confirming through flamenco and other languages how bodies and spaces are affected. Máquinas Sagradas, premiered in a car repair workshop in Manresa, is a site-specific piece that adapts and is transformed according to the memory and the nature of the artisanal or industrial space in which it is located. In the words of the choreographer: “I was looking for the ordinary in the bodies of flamenco. Now I am looking for flamenco in everyday bodies and spaces.”

This show is part of the Filatures program.

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MUHBA Oliva Artés
21 March at 17:00 h
MUHBA Oliva Artés
21 March at 18:45 h