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Gargots / D-Construction

Adrián Vega / Cie. Dyptik

15 minutes / 35 minutes


All ages


Dance and electronic music are the raw materials for a performative dance piece that uses technology to create a metalanguage based on movement. The result is a series of visual metaphors that are borne of the abstract nature of doodles and which create digital sound spaces through dance. A post-hip-hop performance that mixes the languages of contemporary dance, flamenco and urban dance, creating spaces through silent dance.
Adrián Vega is a choreographer with a degree from the Institut del Teatre and visiting lecturer at the Conservatori Professional de Dansa, Barcelona. A post-hip-hop artist who works through dance and sound, he combines different choreographic languages to create improvisation patterns and instant composition

Artèries Tranmission:
Marina Pravkina presents us a choreographic action performed by students from the Tribu Urbana Center (Badalona).

Six dancers experience the liberation of the mind through movement. In the middle of a courtyard, metal scaffolding encloses them, protects them and frees them at the same time. By merging into a single group, they create a stronger entity; by breaking apart, they assert their uniqueness...
D-Construction connects, inspires and destroys to create something new. With a powerful, energetic rhythm and an oriental touch, this creation by Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari, the founding couple of the Dyptik Company, explores themes such as identity and, especially, revolt. Dyptik also develops community projects and, since 2014, the Hip-Hop dance festival TRAX.

The show D-Construction is suspended due to the rain, but other activities will take place indoors, as planned.

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Choreographer, performer and director:
Adrián Vega - Choreographic accompaniment: Marina Pravkina - Sound space: Dídac Gilabert

Artèries Transmission
Marina Pravkina with Júlia Oliveras Sancho, Laia Rodríguez Vila, Ariadna Ayala Jarillo, Erik Casillas Martínez, Maria Domínguez Adalid, Alèxia Haro López, Luis Espinoza, Ainara González Álvarez, Maricarmen Espejo Duran

Artistic director and choreographer:
Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari Performers: Karym Zoubert, Silvia Addiego Mobilio, Nino Rouvreau, Alizée Brule, Mohamed Makhlouf, Beatrice Mognol, Emilie Tarpin-Lyonnet Sound design: Patrick De Oliveira Lighting design: Richard Gratas Set design: Bertrand Nodet Technicians: Rémi Selles, Emilie Tarpin-Lyonnet, Sylvain Gras

Planned functions


Centre Cultural l'Escorxador - exterior
9 March at 12:15 h